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We can build our innate resilience like a muscle


International speaker and resilience mentor Sandra Younger lost her home and nearly her life in California’s biggest wildfire. She has best-selling book about the disaster called “The Fire Outside My Window,” Sandra teaches a five-step resilience-building system she developed that empowers others to transform crisis into possibility and even loss into legacy. Speaker, author, trainer, survivor. 


After rebuilding my home and my life in the wake of the 2003 Cedar Fire, I noticed that while most people affected by the fire considered themselves “survivors” on their way to overcoming a devastating setback, some seemed to embrace the “victim” label that the media and so many others attached to us. Even more fascinating, it didn’t seem to matter how much or how little they’d lost in the fire. In fact, some of those who’d lost the least seemed the most bitter, while those who’d lost loved ones seemed determined to move on with positivity. That’s when I realized: We may not always get to choose what happens to us, but we can always choose our response. This made me wonder what else we might be able to do to speed and strengthen our recovery from adversity, which led me to discover a rich vein of empirical research documenting ways we can build our innate resilience like a muscle. I boiled these findings down to five powerful, common-sense resilience-building practices I call The ComeBACK Formula almost anyone can use to overcome almost any adversity.

Questions You’ll Hear Today

  1. What does a disaster survivor’s experience have to do with me and my business challenges?
  2. Is resilience innate or acquired?
  3. What are the five steps, summarized in The ComeBACKFormula, proven to build our innate resilience like a muscle?
  4. What easy, commonsense practices can help me apply these principles to my life and business?
  5. What is “the changemaker’s journey” that world-changers like Nelson Mandela, Malala, and Steve Jobs followed to transform their own losses into legacies benefiting the entire world?


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