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Using Scientific Curiosity to Heal the Body

Twenty five years ago, Anastasia became so ill, she could only function at most 2 hours a day. Conventional medicine had no viable solutions. In a self help group in Germany, she met a small group of women that were using energy medicine to help themselves and their family. When Anastasia attended classes, she discovered her abilities to move energy rapidly for herself and others. Because her scientific expertise was in the realm of quantum and vibrational physics, it was easy to understand how energy travels, interacts with matter, and can be controlled to deliver exactly what’s needed. Anastasia can use and explain energy healing in

such a way that people understand it. It’s not just woo woo.

Dr. Anastasia Chopelas’ unusual combination of scientific curiosity and heritage as a 4th generation healer makes her uniquely qualified to understand the subtle energies that promote or deteriorate health, success and relationships. She retired from a 40 year career as a physicist and researcher studying quantum and vibrational physics to become The Scientific Healer. Her processes are responsible for hundreds of medical miracles, some of which are outlined in her book, “The Diamond Healing Method. Get Healthy No Matter What Your Doctor Says.” Questions You’ll Hear Today 1. Is health and success related? 2. What ways do you help people running big business 3. When running a business, interpersonal relationships are of utmost importance. What are some of the ways old relationship baggage can get in the way of running a successful business? 4. Aside from old relationship baggage, what are some of the other ways that could energetically repel people from signing up with your programs or services? 5. What have been some of the results you’ve seen for business owners and entrepreneurs? Guest Website

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