Reach Us Here: Doug- @DJDoug Strickland- @NiceGuyonBiz @Mables6fu Show Notes by: Anna Nygren The Not-So- Scary Truth About Being an Entrepreneur with Intention Carolyn Carpenter is the founder of Mable’s 6 Feet Under, Anaheim’s official haunted house. This popular haunt has been named in the top five of So Cal haunts and is featured on NBC’s 1st Look show. It is also the main program of a nonprofit corporation called Building Occupational Opportunities (BOO!). BOO! provides job training, business coaching and

employment opportunities for adults.

Carolyn has always been a performer which is inherently similar to being an entrepreneur because you have to constantly create your own opportunities. Every time she performed in a show, Carolyn would be asked to serve on the production end of things for the next show. She finally chose to accept her gift as a producer and be more intentional about becoming an


Questions You’ll Hear Today 1. How did we get the haunted house off the ground 2. The importance of collaboration (and why being nice is so important!) 3. The power of the ask 4. Finding opportunities 5. Difference between starting a business and starting a nonprofit 6. Why it’s important to embrace your 9-5 job Guest Website E-mail:

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