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Sophia Wise One was a child mystic & has been practicing bodywork for 20 years. She has also been an entrepreneur and workshop facilitator since she was 17 and turned her emotional intelligence and embodiment expertise into the “I LOVE MY LIFE: Card Game and Oracle Deck” to share the skills you need to make for a better life.

At 17 Sophia Wise One lost her mind and dropped out of college. It took 7 years to piece back her life, soul, and body back together, and now she offers everything she learned in that time and since then to help other people turn the poison and trauma of their life into medicine for themselves and others.


Questions you’ll hear on the podcast today

  1. What can I do about burnout?
  2. How can I stop the negative self-talk that tries to take me out?
  3. I got into this work because I want to help people, but now I am just overwhelmed with ideas and different leads?
  4. I am a creative genius and I hate having to pick one thing, it kills my creativity, but I do want to focus, what do I do?
  5. I want to trust my intuition more, how do I do that? (I don’t have intuition because I do hear or see things like other people do.)
  6. What does vagina, rectum, or pelvic floors have to do with my business?
  7. I am a woman and my menstruation is a problem in my business – what can I do to help it?


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