Rewiring Your Strategy for Success


Jennie Bellinger is known as The Level Up Coach. Direct sales reps and leaders hire her to increase their personal sales, team sales and team growth to exceed their financial goals and live the life they dream. She rewires her clients’ thought process, language and behaviors that lead to customers and team members being drawn to them..


Jennie started in direct sales in 2010, and took the time to educate herself on smart business practices and work with super successful mentors to accelerate her learning and success curve. As Jennie built her team, she became known as the coach for promotions. Soon Jennie had leaders asking her to help their team members promote, and then reps and leaders from other direct sales companies asking her to help them! This is when Jennie knew that she had found her calling as a direct sales coach.

Questions you’ll hear on the podcast today

  1. Why does selling suck?
  2. How can I develop rapport and relationship with customers?
  3. How do I make my customers RAVING fans?
  4. Part of my business is to recruit sales team members, how do I get team members who will work?
  5. What are the traditional business practices that I’m not implementing in my direct sales business?


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