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Show Notes by: Anna Nygren


Releasing Wild Leaders in Today’s Business Jungle


After 25 years as a consulting urban forester, Elizabeth Walker flipped the tables with a new approach to her work. She now works with overwhelmed executives to help them reconnect with their “wild” self – and the wild – so they can be the great leaders we need them to be.


Elizabeth has been “one of the (nice) guys” all her life, with four older brothers and becoming a leader in a male-dominated profession (urban forestry). Her business motto was “helping people and trees live together” – which for the past decade has become challenging and frankly, unfulfilling. Elizabeth recently realized that her superpower is working well with men, which has led me to work with (mainly male) executives who need to reclaim (or find) their “mojo” so they can be better leaders for themselves and the world around them.

Questions You’ll Hear Today


  1. How do I know when I’m not grounded in my work?
  2. Why is what I’m doing or how I’m leading no longer working?
  3. What is the first thing to do to become more focused and productive?
  4. What are some simple habits to have to reconnect with my “wild” best self?
  5. If I’m truly lost or don’t know where I’m going, is there a way to figure out my best next step?

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