Paving a Path for a New Type of Education


Jen Molitor has been called a Renegade Teacher and currently works as a Gifted Intervention Specialist at a local elementary school. After being burned out and ready to leave teaching profession, she discovered that she just needed to find a new way to teach. Now she helps schools rise above our broken education system to promote heart-based strategies to overcome the restrictions of time, testing, and tons of standards.


Jen wanted to be a teacher since she was 8. When the job became too much, Jen made a plan to get out. Though after several attempts to use her entrepreneurial skills and quit teaching, her heart kept leading her back to teaching, and discovering a new paradigm for not only teaching students, but also for interacting with colleagues and parents. Jen now has a fresh perspective on teaching, education, and how to make schools better. It IS possible! And now, she’s an entrepreneur & educator helping schools rise above our broken education system. Sometimes our path is right in front of us, and we need to go through some of life’s lessons to figure it out. When Jen started taking action on her Renegade Teacher biz, the universe opened up and the opportunities started pouring in. When you’re pursuing your life’s passion and you’re truly in alignment with what you were meant to do, the universe hears, and provides.

Questions you’ll hear on the podcast today

  1. What was your first business you opened?
  2. How did you finally realize that teaching is your thing?
  3. What help did you have along the way?
  4. What was the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur and how have you evolved?
  5. What do you value most as an entrepreneur?


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