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Paving a New Path for Therapeutic Success

Changing the Face of Therapy is what Gary Sinclair is doing. His latest therapeutic process Soul Link has proven to neutralize thousands of Post Traumatic Shock Disorder memories in seconds. Gary has three lifetime achievement awards for his work. It’s been said that his groundbreaking efforts may prove to be the future of medicine. Gary’s life of healing miracles

could be a story unto itself.

Soul Link which is patent pending became the latest work June of 2014 after doing 36 years of working with people and healing a lifetime of memories over two days. Having been born with 50% lung capacity followed by 14 years of Multiple Sclerosis until Gary was at 80% mobility loss, he began healing over two years at age 36 to fully gain his body back and then miraculously receive full lung capacity in 15 minutes. Gary then researched every form of therapeutic energy healing work and created what started out as him helping others through a three day life changing program has become a two day training known as Restoration. He has had no failures in this work right from the start as it’s done content free as much as possible. It is the person that is doing the work on and for themselves. Soul Link as the newest work is faster and more efficient than any form of therapy he has ever trained in. While the best therapies have at least a 20% or greater failure rate, Soul Link has not failed on over 10,000 clients with a medical peer review on 2,200 doing it for themselves as taught with complete success. From a Veteran to a business man, the memories that hold them back can now be


Questions You’ll Hear Today 1. When you speak of Life as Energy, what is a simple application a businessperson can make from what you teach? (Anxiety model) 2. Is it possible to simply understand why Soul Link is 100% successful in neutralizing ANY memory in seconds? 3. You say Soul Link does to a memory what Restoration does to your life. So you are saying that what a practitioner can do to heal and individual memory for a client, many are also trained to do their entire life over two days using Restoration? 4. It appears your work is all natural and literally anyone can take the training. Is this true? Guest Website:

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