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Dr. Joanie Connell is an author, organizational consultant, and leadership coach. Her books are, Flying without a Helicopter: How to Prepare Young People for Work and Life,  and the upcoming book Millennials: Their Future and Ours. She gives keynote speeches to companies and schools. She has a PhD from UC Berkeley and a BA from Harvard. She is a smarty pants. She runs the consulting firm Flexible Work Solutions, Inc. welcome to the BizWiz Podcast.

As an organizational psychologist, Dr. Joanie Connell specialize in helping people be more effective in their jobs and happier in their careers. About 10 years ago, she stumbled across a big disconnect between how people were raising kids and what the kids were expected to do when they grew up and entered the workplace. This was the Millennial generation. Dr. Joanie has helped Millennials get the life skills they need to be successful and she works with others to learn to live with the new Millennial way of doing things. To do this, she challenges people to reassess their assumptions and stereotypes about Millennials, to ask the right questions to develop their leadership strategies and life skills to handle and plan for a changing world.

Questions you’ll hear on the podcast today

  1. How are Millennials changing the way people do business?
  2. Why is there so much friction between the older and younger generations?
  3. What are some of the myths or stereotypes about Millennials that need to be debunked?
  4. As business leaders and entrepreneurs, what trends do we need to pay attention to that aren’t just passing fads?
  5. What does it take to be a successful leader in a Millennial world?
  6. Why are Millennials facing midlife issues so young? How is it affecting their careers?
  7. Millennials aren’t kids anymore. Many are in their 30s and some are approaching 40. What kinds of challenges are they facing as they approach midlife?


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