Mindmapping Your Dreams Into Reality


Lisa McCarthy is the Founder and President of Make My Idea Real and inventor of the Affirmations Mirror, a programmable talking mirror that reminds women how intelligent, capable, and powerful they are. Lisa uses her expertise to help leaders drive initiatives for transforming ideas from concepts into reality, by identifying and designing a plan of action to achieve even greater success. With over 20 years of innovation, management, marketing and sales, to deliver strategic results. Welcome Lisa to the BizWiz Podcast.

After working on her own inventions and going to conference after conference where others were working on their dream projects Lisa observed many of her fellow entrepreneurs being taken advantage of by coaches that only had “selling their packages” in mind. Lisa has a strong background in business and management and saw the need to help the dreamers define their ideas so clearly that they would no longer feel lost or feel like everyone else had the answers. She started helping one entrepreneur after another and each one walked away feeling empowered. Lisa’s goal is to help as many people achieve their dreams as possible so that we all live in a better world where dreams come true!

Questions you’ll hear on the podcast today

  1. Who are your services designed to help?
  2. What makes Mindmapping so powerful?
  3. What kinds of businesses can utilize Mindmapping?
  4. When someone comes to you with a bunch of little ideas seeming to be in chaos, how do you help them get organized?
  5. Why is a visual plan so important?

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