Mark has been helping businesses succeed through leadership development and strategic planning. He has assisted organizations by identifying and establishing strong and successful culture built upon the right foundation of values and principles. It is through proper strategic planning and execution that creates long-term sustainable results. Mark coaches’ leadership development through one on one mentorship and conducts leadership and strategic planning workshops through live and online workshops. Mark is a 3-Time International Best Selling Author.



Questions You’ll Hear Today:

  1. Why is it important that business organization build a strong foundation starting with their values and principles?
  2. What is the best thing organizations can do, when developing their leadership team and staff that will help them through difficult times and a crisis.
  3. When in a crisis, what are some important factors that leaders need to demonstrate when leading their team?
  4. When managing through a crisis, what should the leader and leadership team be evaluating and assessing?
  5. After a crisis, and the organization has survived, what are some important next steps the leader, and organization must do?
  6. Why are habits so important in problem solving?


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Twitter: @markvillareal

Facebook: MisterVonline, Author, Business Trainer, Coach & Consultant



Book: Leadership Crisis Management: Understanding the 3-Stages of Crisis Management & More!

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