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Dr. Rhoberta Shaler is The Relationship Help Doctor. She provides urgent and ongoing care for their partners, exes, adult children and co-workers of crazy-making, relentlessly difficult people she calls “Hijackals.” She helps them save their sanity and stop the crazy-making. Even the United States Marines have called on her for help! That’s a big deal. A relationship expert, mediator, speaker & author of sixteen books, Dr. Shaler consults with clients worldwide through the magic of the internet.

Everyone knows an infuriating, frustrating, difficult, and disturbing person. Dr. Rhoberta Shaler was born into a family of them. Early on, She learned how to navigate through the moment-to-moment conflict of everyday life, sometimes even successfully! Dr. Shaler’s  interest in effective communication and conflict management grew from the crazy-making environment she survived, and the many she saw later in life, both in homes and businesses. Dr. Shaler shifted from helping people to “play nicely together” to working with the partners, exes, adult children, and co-workers of relentlessly difficult people when she realized that she was uniquely qualified–both by life and profession–to provide the insights, skills, processes and strategies required to help them stop tolerating abuse.

Questions you’ll hear on the podcast today

  1. You make a distinction between difficult people and relentlessly difficult people. Why is that necessary?
  2. You have trademarked the term, Hijackals, to describe those relentlessly difficult and often disturbing people we meet in life and at work. What is the definition of a Hijackal?
  3. How would I recognize a Hijackal? What are their traits?
  4. If you are realizing right now that you are dealing with a Hijackal partner, client, vendor, or employee, what’s the most important thing to do first?
  5. Do Hijackals ever change their spots or stripes?
  6. Very successful people often share some tendencies with Hijackals. Where is the fine line between them?

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