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Getting Deeper Insight on Today’s Breakthrough Ideas

Bob Roitblat founded/co-founded and successfully exited 12 different companies that generated over $45 million in revenue. He now spends his time helping other organizations be more

creative and produce more innovative breakthrough ideas.

Bob self-funded the first several companies he started so getting it right was critical. Bob consumed every business book he could get his hands on and used the collective knowledge to

develop his successful innovation process.

Questions You’ll Hear Today 1. The statistics are staggering: Most new products and services fail. Why is that? 2. Our listeners would love to be the next Uber or Netflix, how do they come up with these breakthrough ideas? 3. We need insights before ideas, how do we get deeper insight? 4. What else gets in the way of successful innovation? 5. We’ve identified a great idea, do we just put all of our money into this new product or service and do a wide roll-out? Guest Website

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