Evan Hanover is a Director at Conifer Research, and ethnography and design research agency in Chicago. He is an anthropologist and word nerd, who combines academic rigor, strategic thinking, and sense of performance and storytelling to bring insight and energy to his work.


Questions You’ll Hear Today:

  1. What sets USER RESEARCH apart from MARKET RESEARCH?
  2. What deliverables and outcomes will move and inspire my team and beyond?
  3. How can I break out of incremental thinking to find that “A-HA” moment that moves brand innovation?
  4. Can Conifer customize an experience with my team to meet our goals?
  5. How do I keep my research momentum going?
  6. How can Conifer help me navigate new ways of working without compromising the trusted outcome?



Connect with Evan:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ConiferResearch

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/evan-hanover-4a34893/

Website:  https://www.coniferresearch.com/

Blog:  https://blog.coniferresearch.com/


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