Designing Your Life Around Purpose


Paula Brown of Chi-Lightful is a Heartist; graphic facilitator and purpose coach who draws out literally and figuratively the “WHAT” heart story for authentic leaders, empowering them to put the heartbeat back into their lives and business. With her sketch questing, she helps leaders dive into finding, communicating, and prospering from their core purpose value. Using both intuition and strategic process, Paula’s Sketch Questing and purpose coaching gets her clients into clarity.

Paula’s death experience really was the birth of her quest for not only her own purpose but for how she’s now helping others reveal and live from their heart center, their WHAT. Paula was “sent back” to “find purpose”…as to why she was on this earth. With a foundation of being a brand Creative Director for large Ad Agencies, Paula is and has always been one who finds the core, the energetic, material, and emotional essence or the heart of things…then translating this into the “real” for life and business. Her quest for purpose lead Paula to become a soul purpose coach with Tim Kelly of Transcendental Solutions as well as her natural gifts of creating art has developed into the Sketch Quest process to find and reveal “What” in the folks who wish to lead from purpose. Bringing to light their own “invisible” communications…turning their words into the universal language of pictures. Paula died to be shown her expertise of purpose so others could see, live and ignite other hearts from their purpose.

Questions you’ll hear on the podcast today

  1. I am frustrated…stalled out…If I can know and talk about my vision…why can’t my company, partners, and teams see it clearly too?
  2. How can I get my people to quickly get things done, cut the fat in time and money when introducing a new process or change in an old structure or program?
  3. Why are my key managers, c-suite not understanding and supporting the core values that drive my business? How can I get them communicating from the same page?
  4. How can Sketch Quest cut down literally many months and years of effort and searching to find your true north to lead from and with?
  5. How can I inspire and reach out to my culture in a clear and emotional way that creates “can do” rather than “not my job” alignment?
  6. When asked to trust my gut and lead from my heart purpose…how can I begin to get out of my head and into my WHAT when most are telling me to jump on the template band wagon of “what works”?
  7. How can telling my story in pictures gain more clarity and reach for my goals, dreams, visions, process?

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