Creating Boundaries for a Better Life


After a 25 year marriage, Rosie Aiello, engineered an international escape to save her daughter and herself from domestic abuse. Nearly mentally destroyed, she reinvented herself since arriving back in the United States, started her own business, and became a speaker, best-selling author and an international awarding-winning entrepreneur. Rosie and her daughter are now sharing their powerful story of escape, healing and freedom in their upcoming memoir called 11 Hours to Freedom.

When Rosie started to write her memoir (along with her daughter) in January of this year, the wheels started to turn. One afternoon in the spring Rosie  got “an ass-kicking” from God who told her to help women and lead the fight against domestic abuse. Having said that, this work is equally important for men to hear–we especially need good men like the nice guys to stand up for women or anyone who is being mistreated. Topics of expertise include: Honoring yourself and others; asking with confidence; managing time during this precious life given to you; establishing and maintaining your boundaries, knowing your values.


Questions you’ll hear on the podcast today

  1. How do they define and live in freedom? Freedom create financial abundance, to express yourself freely, to use your time how you want, to create a joyful life.
  2. What are some tips to get the most out of day–to manage that precious time given to you?
  3. What if you could ask confidently so you can get the outcome you want?
  4. How well are you managing your boundaries, or what I call, honoring yourself?
  5. Are you being too nice? And what’s the cost to you?
  6. Have you identified your values? And why this is a foundation to respond to other questions.


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