Chris Mailander is author of The Craft. The book really plays at the intersection of corporate strategy and psychology. It decodes how business leaders perceive, react and think in their most critical moments. Those moments when the pressure is really on.  In ‘The Craft’, Chris reveals his methods for how you can succeed in moments like this. 

Grab your copy of The Craft, in paperback, Kindle and audiobook formats


Questions You’ll Hear Today:

  1. What does the saying Fizz, Spark, Oomph mean to you?
  2. What motivated you to take a more in depth look at the intersection of strategy and psychology? 
  3. What are some common mistakes organizations are making that causes them harm? 
  4. Describe what getting ‘below the waterline’ means in terms of negotiation.
  5. Can the techniques and insights set out in ‘The Craft’ be applied to all sizes and kinds of businesses?
  6. Give a few practical steps for leaders to implement in their own business practices to get this right.  


Connect with Chris Mailander:

Twitter: @mailander Instagram: @chris_mailander Facebook: LinkedIn:


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