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Show Notes by: Anna Nygren


Carving a Career Path Through the Jungle of Uncertainty


Trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up? So many children are asking the same question about themselves and their career beginning with college. Crystal Olivarria is a career coach at Career Conversationalist and the parents that hire her give Crystal an opportunity to help their child select a relevant career.


Crystal used to say she helps families afford college. She has raised over $70,000 in grants and scholarships to help pay for her own college education. One day a parent told Crystal that she saved $100,000 for son’s education so affording college wasn’t her biggest concern. Her biggest concern was making sure her money was well spent. She wanted her son to select a relevant career that utilizes his talents and abilities. That’s where Crystal’s expertise on career choice comes into play – making sure a parent’s investment leads a fulfilling fruitful career.

Questions You’ll Hear Today


  1. What is career coaching and how is it different than the type of guidance a child receives from a high school guidance counselor?
  2. Why does career coaching give a child a competitive edge in the global economy?
  3. How do you help children select a relevant career?
  4. Why do parents need to play a more active role in helping their child select a relevant career?
  5. What can parents do to help their child make better career choices?

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A Complimentary Gift: 7 Ways To Help Your Child Make Better Career Decisions, Regardless Of What Age Your Child Is (PDF)

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