Dr. Bill Blokker is passionate about developing high achievers. Blokker created a leadership and change process. He then trained his 60 consultants in this process.  These consultants then implemented this process in the troubled schools and within three years, the schools were transformed into high achieving schools based on the results of state-wide testing results.  His book, Achieve Beyond Expectations is a no-nonsense, get real, wake-up call for those who want real change in their lives. You will learn there’s no quick fix for success. The achievers in this book overcame oppressive conditions by transforming their emotional, intellectual and physical performance. 


Questions You’ll Hear Today:

  1. What matters in life is not what happens, but YOUR REACTION to what happens.
  2. How you learn to control situations or your reaction to situations.
  3. How the 5 intangibles impact human performance
  4. How you eliminate self-imposed barriers to your success
  5. How expectations determine your reality
  6. Habits are hidden mind chains that control 45%-75% of all behavior
  7. What separates the extraordinary performer from the ordinary performer?
  8. You decide if emotions get in your way or lead your way. 
  9. How is it possible to control really strong emotions like anger, fear, grief?


Connect with Bill Blokker:

Website: achievebeyondexpectations.com

Email: bill@achievebeyondexpectations.com

Facebook: facebook.com/AchieveWithBill

Instagram: instagram.com/billblokker


To get the book: http://www.achievebeyondexpectations.com

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