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Show Notes by: Anna Nygren


Becoming the Hero of Your Own Journey


Dave Kehnast is a professional life and small business coach who has been working with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals since 2011. His specialty is in helping people to transition out of their unfulfilling corporate jobs and to create lives and businesses that are no longer devoid of meaning and/or purpose. He resides in Encinitas, California and has created his life and business around his love of surfing.  


Dave has been through the ringer of life and so he knows that anything is possible when a person sets his or her mind on a goal. Dave isn’t an expert in business so much as he’s an expert in people. The people Dave works with are their own experts; it is only his job to introduce them to their inner geniuses. Dave realized he had a gift for this couple of months after beginning his intensive coach and leadership training.

Questions You’ll Hear Today


  1. What is the most sure fire way to get the results you are committed to? (integrity…when intentions, words, and actions are aligned).
  2. What is the relationship between integrity and trust? (this feeds off the previous question).
  3. How can an entrepreneur combat and/or prevent mid-life crises?
  4. What does work/life balance really mean?
  5. What are the basic fundamental challenges of every business owner and individual?
  6. Ask about coaching training and how important it is to be a coach.

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