Ann Ljungberg is an online entrepreneur specializing in teaching experts how to create a legacy business. She has a background in IT and management consulting and has built her online training and coaching business while cruising the oceans since 2002. Ann is a master at creating engaging group training programs for extraordinary transformation. 


Questions You’ll Hear Today:


  1.     What is and why would anyone want to create a legacy business?
  2.     What are the biggest challenges of creating a certification program?
  3.     What is your advice to someone who is developing their own method as an expert?
  4.     You started your business on a sailboat. What are some of your best experiences as a digital nomad?
  5.     Can you share what your CoConnector (or Clone Your Business) program is all about?


Connect with Ann Ljungberg:


Facebook:  Expert Coalition



LinkedIn: Ann Ljungberg

Instagram: @annljungbergexc


Clone Your Business, a 6-week program where experts create their certification program.




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