The True North Heartbeat of Your Purpose 


Paula Brown of Chi-Lightful (chee lightful) is a Heartist; she gets leaders UNSTUCK. An intuitive, quick sketch Artist and Purpose Coach. Leaders hire Paula to literally and figuratively draw out the True North heartbeat of their purpose. Her purpose was born when her own heart stopped beating. Excited to hear that part of her story.  


She Sketch Quests the “heart” of communications, goals, and big ideas. Former Brand Creative Director for international clients, she marries both intuition and strategic process for influencers to discover and clearly show their STORY. Paula guides clients into “seen”, freed from the frustration of knowing their vision and not being able to communicate it. 



Questions You’ll Hear Today:  


1. When asked to trust the gut and lead from heart purpose, how can one begin to get out of their head and into their WHAT when most are telling them to jump on the template bandwagon of “what works”?    2. How can Sketch Quest cut down literally many months and years of effort and searching to find your true north to lead from and with?    3. How can telling a story in pictures gain more clarity and reach for goals, dreams, visions, process?    4. How can you get someone to see the extraordinary from the ordinary…thinking from the heart and feeling from the head? 


5. What does working with you look like, Paula? 


Connect with Paula Brown: 


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